Hosted by Malaysia’s King of Swing, Sharizan Borhan on 5th July, the first in-person event featured speakers from many countries. 

This year TV-CON saw an engaging presentation and showcase from Korea, Australia, Japan, Thailand, China, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, India, Romania, Vanuatu, Sweden and Hong Kong.

All presentations were introduced by the genre, such as sports, drama, entertainment, and documentary. Including last year’s ABU Prizes winners, all speakers were highly experienced TV producers and had given amazing presentations on their productions using videos and photos.

Debate session titled-Revolutionising How We Consume Content with some high-profile individuals including the Director General of RTM Malaysia-Mr Suhaimi Sulaiman, Head of ABC Australia International Services -Ms Claire Gorman, General Director of VTV3 Vietnam-Ms Ta Bich Loan, Executive Director of SAAVA Singapore- Mr Justin Deimen and Director of NHK Japan Production Centre- Mr Yotaro Yashiki. The session was moderated by Mr Hakim Amir of Sports and Media Distributor-Malaysia.

TV-CON 2023 also showcased selected work by past ABU Prize winner of 2022 Documentary Category.

Keynote speaker was Justin Deimen, Executive Director, Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association, Singapore who spoke on reconfiguring local content strategies to become more regional and global.

The second edition of 60” Pitch, 11 organizations (VBTC-Vanuatu, Youku-China, PJI-Germany, THAIPBS-Thailand, CITVC/CHNPEC-China, SMART Radio Mewat-India, Radiodays Asia-Sweden, Creative Stew-Malaysia, Lotus Production-Hong Kong, KBS-Korea and HAPPY CAMPERS PRODUCTIONS-Malaysia) participated and promoted their projects in one minute.

Head of the TV, Hanizah Hamzah with the emcee, closed the event by announcing the upcoming activities of the Programme Department.