“ABU TV-CON” – A totally new activity from the ABU Programme Department!

It is a conference and a convention of the TV producers, by the TV producers, for the TV producers! Unlike the usual conference with a serious and formal atmosphere, ABU TV-CON will be a stage show with comedy and music mixed in, letting all participants gain information and have fun at the same time!
ABU TV-CON will be hosted from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 17th & 18th of May, 2022, as a “hybrid conference”, streamed over the internet so program makers can attend from around the world.
This first-ever event will feature great presentations and discussions, many of which will include video footage, by past ABU Prize winners as well as top media creators. Participants will be introduced to new ideas and techniques for future TV productions. As well as sharing information on TV production in the Asia-Pacific region, the event is designed to improve production capabilities and support international co-productions.
For many years, the ABU Programme Department has been organizing well-received seminars and workshop sessions in specific genres such as documentaries, children’s programs and dramas. This has encouraged the ABU Programme Department to run more activities in other genres such as entertainment or educational programming. TV-CON will include those new TV genres.
ABU TV-CON will help the development of TV program production, encourage young program makers and strengthen relationships between all producers, as well as introducing current activities from the Programme Department such as the ABU Prizes, TV Song Festivals, ABU Doc and the Children Media Hub Workshop. We hope to make this very first event a success to become a regular annual event in the future. Please join us in May!